May 13, 2008


Today I met with Kristin whom I met a couple of months ago when I decided to go to the knitting group on Fridays at the Yarn Exchange. She's a very inspiring girl who runs the blog craftleftovers. The subject of today's meeting was an interview she wanted to do with me about my etsy store and the recycling of sweaters. I was pretty nervous that I would be nervous and awkward, but I feel pretty comfortable with Kristin and it was easy for us to gab about things. It was easy for me to answer her questions because I have spent so much time lately thinking about what I'm doing and why and figuring out logistics and making plans. Its pretty tiring really but I get by.

Kristin is coming by tomorrow to take some pictures of me and my pottery so I think I'll dress up and bit and ham for the camera.

It was funny, she was going to record our conversation so she could take some quotes but she ended up not turning it on. I almost think this was a good thing considering how much I digress about things. I don't like recording moments, like photographing events or videotaping them. I like the fuzzy logic of memory, sifting through what I remember and what others remember and constructing my own stories out of bits of the past. But I'm famously digressing again.

I really can't be happier with Kristin answering my questions today and being so kind and friendly about giving me advice about my etsy shop and sharing her experiences. It is honestly one of the most helpful and kind things that has happened in the whole experience of my business. It definitely gave me warm fuzzies.

After I came home from talking with Kristin I went outside and took more photos of my yarn and prints and took some preliminary photos of my ceramics. I need to take some notes and think about what angles I missed and what might make them look best. The late afternoon sunshine in the back yard is glorious this time of year with all the flowers in bloom. It makes me remember why I like being here. The yarn and print photos are pretty fab though. I think the print ones are especially fantastic. I made a little spiral photo holder with some florist wire and planted it in a little bare patch of ground that was surrounded by very short ground cover with little white flowers and there was a single tulip and the rock bench in the background. Goodness those picture don't even look real.

See what I mean? Photographs are so weird for me. They always seem like something that just happens, not like something I have created. Sometimes I look at them and think, I composed that? I made that image exist? It feels strange. But this was very productive. Then I spent forever and a day uploading the rest of the pictures on to my listing for my store. I sure hope they sell some things!

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