May 31, 2008

Need to work on writing

I need to work on my writing. My ad copy could use work, my explanation of why the hell I started this insane venture needs to be more explicit then "Hmm... well... because I could?" Articulate! If I just keep repeating that maybe I'll get somewhere.

The weather here has been pretty crappy for my allergies and its making me feel run down and tired. I did manage to make it to a few garage sales today like I had wanted. I didn't find too much but I did get about 5 nice sweaters for my trouble. At one garage sale they had these cute vintage dessert plates 7 for $3. They are c. 1975 by the somewhat well know designer Vera Neumann. Here is a picture of one (not my photo I ganked it from google)

See? SO cute. I couldn't pass them up even though I promised Eli I wouldn't buy anything that wasn't a sweater. Now that I have my new kitchen table I want different dishes. I love 70s dishes they are so colorful and can be had for not much money. I like to mix and match things with similar color schemes rather than have everything be a set so it doesn't matter to me if I have one place setting here, or another there.

I should talk about that kitchen table. For the past 6 months or so I've been trawling craigslist for a 50s formica kitchen table in a nice color, ie red, green, yellow, and not grey. I found lots of the grey ones and I almost had a really nice grey one with this adorable apple applique on it but the woman sold it to someone else the night before I was supposed to pick it up. Bitch. Anyway it was a good thing because another table came along that was better. It was THE table. It it vibrant yellow cracked ice pattern on top (in awesome condition) with chrome legs. I had to go pick it up in mundelein on Sunday and it was HOT and my stupid car doesn't have air so I was kinda stinky when I got there but the girl didn't notice. So I inspected it and took the legs off, packed it and headed home. The legs were a bit rusty but having restored a vintage bicycle once I wasn't too worried. The next day I spent ALL day cleaning the rust off with a SOS pad. The legs look almost new. The pitting is barely noticeable unless you look very closely. The aluminum trim shined up nicely too, the SOS pads take the stains off well and polish while they are at it. The aluminum could use a tiny bit more work, but I don't think anyone but me notices. I LOVE the new table. It makes the kitchen so happy. The new little dishes go with it really well.

The house is starting to feel really mine after so long. I've been on a long war of attrition to give back all the furniture Eli had borrowed from his parents. This was not SO much that I didn't like it, but more that his father was so very anal about it. He made up keep an ugly vinyl table cloth on the kitchen table so we wouldn't harm it. I hated that. Now we most have all out own furniture and we can really use it and love it instead of resenting our living space.

Anyway here are the images of the table from the ad. Yes I'm lazy and haven't taken pictures of anything yet :P Also the chairs, sadly, did not come with the table. Thats ok though I think I can find better ones.

So I guess those are the before. I'll have to take some afters to show the work I did. Its great.

I've been doing things OTHER than buy stuff (not too much though Eli and went to tjmaxx last night) I've finished 3 more hats recently and took the seams out of a load of sweater so I can frog them. This is good. I went to knit at the yarn exchange today after garage saleing. I got to talk some with Sandy who it really great. We were talking about machinery and favorite yarns that you can't get any more of. I yakked too much about my business, but then I always do that. Its just SO important to me it pretty much takes over my mind. So Sandy offered to send any sweaters that weren't good enough for encore my way, like ones with stains and what not. This is AWESOME. Free yarn to recycle? Sign me up! So I am very stoked. I think all fibers should be pretty good quality and all. Small flaws that make a sweater not nice to wear don't impact its frogability much.

I have to say something to all the people I have met since I started doing this. THANK YOU!! Eveyone has been so kind and helpful to me that I don't think I would have had the courage without you. Cassie - thanks for contacting me out of the blue to be in the Eco Art Fair.
Kristin - thanks for all the great advice and encouragement.
Knitting group members - you guys are awesome and fun, thanks so much.

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