May 18, 2008

Trucking along

So I've gotten the go-ahead from ReNew DeKalb about my farmers market stall and I can't hardly contain myself. I went to the salvation army on thursday and bought some display baskets and table clothes for my stall and this really cool wine rack I'm going to hang yarn off of. I already have 3 folding tables so I am getting pretty well set for my display. I feel really happy that this is going forward, but pretty nervous too. I hope all goes well.

Tonight I went for the first time to the DeKalb stitch & bitch and I had a blast. I gave Carolyn her yarn (which she digs) and had a good time discussing knitting with our guest who was telling us about her fleece and sheep. We also talked about a lot of random stuff including some of us who had memorable incidents with ticks. Yes we are classy thank-you-very-much.

I'm putting out a call for anyone who buys my yarn to send me pictures of what they make with it. I'll post them in the blog, it'll be fun. I'm so curious to see what others make of my hard-won fibers I love so well.

A note about philosophy-
This project is really so important to me. I think reusing and recycling has an big impact so I've chosen for the time being to make it my profession in a way. I think it will be so satisfying to see what comes out of rescuing this yarn. I think commercial sweaters are often boring and misshapen and the consequence of this is a very good product essentially going in the garbage. I get all my sweaters from the salvation army and they have a very high turnover of clothing in the store here because of the volume of donated clothing. A lot of what can't be sold gets thrown away. They make no distinctions in fiber quality or condition. This is where I come in and pick and choose what to rescue. There are somethings I look for such as silk and cashmere which I almost always take but there are some more ephemeral qualities I take into consideration when I select a future yarn such as if I personally like the color or the feel of the yarn.

Of course this all ties back into the name I chose for my shop; defaceReconstruct. I sat down with the idea that raw materials make objects which are themselves raw materials for other things in almost infinite ways and that often times we need to take things apart in order to create. This dichotomy is a large part of what goes into my art and life. So I sat down with this idea and a thesaurus and tried almost every imaginable combination of words till I got the current ones. They just sounded right, almost like when you find the resonance pitch of a room and the tone echos and sings in way that no other tone does. So there.

Things I need to get done
- go on a picking trip I have to get more sweaters my stash is running low.
- Build my kiln
- make labels for & photograph new yarn for sale
- return ill-bought skirt to Target
- Send in booth application for Yarn Con (yay!)
- Think about buying some advertising
- Work on ceramics
- Sign up for dancing classes
- Write hat pattern

Whew! I should get started!


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