June 23, 2010

Lady Jane Gloves

So I heard back from Knit Picks today that they are going to publish my very first for-pay pattern!  I went ahead and uploaded it to Ravelry at the 1.99 price point.  I was waiting to upload it until I heard from them so I could decide what price to place it at.  The whole experience ended up being really fun.  My pattern testers were great, my model was awesome and things just really clicked with the whole project.  I think I've learned a lot and have really gained some confidence in my skills.  I have also sent 2 proposals to Twist collective that I'm really excited about so I'll get working on them either way once I know if they are interested.  So anyway, without further ado, here are some of photos of the lovely Michelle wearing the Lady Jane Gloves.

The photo shoot was fun but it was so hot and humid.  I'm glad I didn't do a heavier makeup on her because it would have just run everywhere.  The wind was a bit high too, but that just ended up giving the shots some drama.  These were taken in the area right outside my back door.  I love it because there are so many interesting buildings and alleyways to photograph.  
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Anonymous said...

Really cute gloves! Congrats on your first "far sale" pattern!