August 3, 2010

Camping at Buckhorn State Park, WI

Last Monday afternoon we took off for Buckhorn State park. This is a fabulous place to camp with many campsites having their own private beaches. When we arrived we set up our campsite made dinner and jumped in the water. I think I spent the most time swimming since I was a kid. The water was lovely and warm.

The next day we rented a canoe for the morning and explored the shore. There were a lot of interesting fungi and tiny moss and lichens. I love taking pictures of little things the best. 

Lovely Grassy Forest
Our little red Canoe where we beached it to explore
My silly sun hat!   
Adorable mushroom in the moss
This one has grass growing through it!
the ur mushroom

It was really really windy when we were out on the lake so we didn't get far and it started to get really hot so it wasn't the best canoeing time ever but it was still fun.  Eli didn't like it as much as me, he made faces.
Oh Eli!
I'll post about the rest of the trip in a later post, there are lots of lovely pictures to share. 

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