September 22, 2008

So we moved

So we finally moved out of the duplex half we were renting from Eli's parents who lived next door. It was getting too stressful for everyone. It has taken up way more time and money than I could have imagined and I feel like I've lost my balance, my equilibrium. The old hopeless feelings are creeping up on me and the sinus infection I've been battling is just making it that much worse. There are just too many things that need to be done, and not enough time. I'm going to be a vendor at YarnCon on Oct 4th. I have to have product ready to sell and I am just not getting enough done, I want to cry when I think about it!

I probably shouldn't have moved right when starting a new job. It really feels so destabilizing. I liked doing my work for myself and not haveing anyone to be answerable too. It helped me controll my anxiety. Now I have a good job, working for and with really nice people but the act of having to be responsible and not forget things and get myself in order feels really really hard.
I hope I feel a little better once this sinus shit clears up, I think it will help.

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