August 2, 2008

Vintage Beauties

So I've been looking for some vintage 1950s cotton shirtwaist or sun dresses. I like the style and it fits my curvy body better than a lot of things made today which are make for women who look like adolescent men. I have boobs, hips and butt. I have a smallish waist. Voila, 50s. I was looking on etsy but the sellers mainly had things that wouldn't fit me (TINY waists) that were too expensive so I headed over to ebay. Which had a lot more things that were too small and expensive, but also several things which were not. I bought 2 dresses

This one is my size and will look much better on me than on this too small mannequin. I'm rather excited about this one, it has so many cute details. I was the only bidder bc I think the pictures were bad, but I trust my judgment. I am reasonably certain it looks off because the mannequin is much too small. If I'm totally wrong than y'all can laugh at me.

This one is a little more demure but it also quite nice. I like the muted color palette of the stripes. It also has darts in the front to give the fitted appearance I prefer

Some day I hope to get good enough at sewing to make my own dresses like these. For now I'll buy used vintage though. They are very nice.

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