April 22, 2008

Moving forward

I've been taking a ceramics class at the community college this semester and its really been encouraging me to do more art. My dad has said he will help me build a kiln in their backyard and everything!! I'm hoping to finish these cups I have been working on soon so I can sell them. I have a commission waiting in the the wings here.

In other news I have been buying up sweaters from the salvation army and thrift stores and making them into skeins to sell. I had an abortive attempt earlier today at the Ars Nova Eco Art Fair but we got rained out. I still made 20 bucks or so in the few hours I was there which was awesome and makes me look forward to our rain date of the 29th.

Yes you heard it, you too can come check out he action there will be free music and food and a grand 'ol time. Its on the lawn in front of the Jack Ahrends Art building on the Northern Illinois University Campus. Its right off of College Ave. The hours are 9am-5pm. It WILL be fun!

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