December 10, 2008

So I've gotten myself a new camera! I've been playing with it a lot and it is much better quality than my previous camera. The shutter response time is really quick and some of the pictures I've take are lovely. The camera is a Ricoh Caplio GX100. Its small, light weight and incredibly powerful. Also has a wide-angle lense, which no other compact digi cam offers. Anyway, enough tooting the camera's horn, here are some photos!

This is a macro of Asuka's face! The detail is great and the color is really perfect.
Here is a black & white photo of our dining room. It was taken at a higher ISO so its a little grainy. I think it adds something to it.

Also I went and took photos of all my recent projects and uploaded them all onto ravelry. Some of them aren't the best photos I've ever composed so I'll probably redo a few. Yesterday was really really dark and cloudy all day, not the best photography day.

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