June 14, 2008

Vintage Car Mark Tin Plaque Belt Buckle

So I started work today on those belt buckles I've been talking up. I started varnishing one to see how the glossy varnish would work and if I should get some satin. The verdict is that some of them will need glossy and some will need satin so I need to go buy some satin. I did my test run on the one in the poorest condition which happend to be the Dodge one. (Have they ever made anything quality?) I decided to varnish them with polyurethane because it seemed the the paint was a little fragile and I didn't want them to get all the paint scraped off if you bumped into something. I've my buckle backs and I'm going to use epoxy to glue them on to the backs. That stuff should last longer than the metal and is super strong so I think its a good, if toxic and stinky choice. So I'll post more about these when I get them more done. All I can think about them is "Damn, these are SOOOO cool!"

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