September 6, 2007

NPR Interviews Melissa Cross

So a few days ago I was in the car and was listening to Fresh Air with Terry Gross and they were playing a retrospective of her interviews with rock musicians and industry people and I managed to catch the interview with vocal instructor Melissa Cross.
You can listen to it here.
She teaches hardcore musicians to scream without harming their vocal chords, and I think her instructional technique was really fabulous. Just listening to her short interview I was trying to test out my ability to use my voice in a different way and I think I did to some extent. I made a noise I never made before and started laughing. Eli, who was driving, said it sounded like a weird animal. I considered this a success of course. I'm really enamored of picking up this DVD as I often find my voice hurting after talking for any length of time AND it would be so interesting to be able to control the way my voice sounds better.
I was in choir through middle school and high school and I did some in college, but I was at best, competent at it, though I loved it very much. Hearing this interview made me have a lot of nostalgia for being on stage and singing my heart out. While I don't see myself becoming a great singer or being in a band anymore, learning to control my voice in the way Melissa Cross does is just so appealing I think I have to try it. I'll likely post a review, and maybe some audio of my attempts to scream like a rockstar.
If you want to scream like a rockstar too, you can pick up the DVD from Amazon for $17 or so.
The Zen of Screaming

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